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This is Brendan Frye. If it's urgent, you might have a better chance o' tracking me down on foot. If I'm not answering, chances are I've gotten in over my head with something, not that I'm refusin' to give you the time of day. So leave me some words and I'll get back to you as soon as I don't have a fire to put out.
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Romance/Kissing/Shippy stuff: Brendan's personality is such that he is an obsessive, borderline abusive boyfriend canonically. While flirting with him is fine, actual relationships and physical aspects of romance will have to be discussed with me, the mun, beforehand, simply to address the IC and in-game ramifications of such a thing.

Violence/Injury/Death: Fights should probably be discussed with me in a general sense so we know who we as muns think logically should win and what the consequences could be. Injuries are par for the course in canon, but a broken bone or higher must be discussed with me beforehand. Death must be plotted in advance, period.

Sexual Content: He is underage so I am uncomfortable playing it. That said it can be negotiated to have occurred off-screen at some point after sufficient CR. I will never play any form of non-con or dub-con. Ever.

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Complaints? Concerns? Constructive criticism? Ideas? Thoughts? Leave 'em here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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